A Hike on the Cutler Coast in Maine

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 These are some photos taken on a relatively grueling yet breathtaking overnight backpacking trip we took in some woods and on cliffs along the Bay of Fundy at the end of July (2014).  I cannot possibly describe the beauty and wonder of that place in words and pictures don't do it justice, but they will have to do!

The wild beach roses in Maine have massive hips!
On the trail through the woods to the coast.
Brooke's kit.
Miriam's kit.

When we got to the coast, we were just overwhelmed by the
beauty of it.  It was hard to keep hiking just because of the distraction of the scenery!
There were little stone beaches that one could climb down the rocks to every so often.
Wild gooseberries!  These weren't ripe yet, but we found some that were.  So good!
The lovely roses.
Views like this were constantly appearing along the hard, rocky trail.
The cliffs were amazing!
A blueberry barren!  How very Maine.

The trail went up to 200 feet and back down to sea level incessantly.  Breaks were necessary and very nice!

We could watch the crashing waves all day, but we needed to get to one of only three
designated campsites on the far end of this trail.

Miriam has conquered!!

Our campsite (and our $30, 2.5 lb tent).  We ate down on the rocks below whenever we could.
Our faithful and ever-present companions!  If you were still too long,
the legendary mosquitoes of Maine's summer would cover you.
And with a nets on, we could breathe without chewing!
The front porch of our campsite.
Everything is better with tea.
Morning from our campsite.  One more quick shot before hitting the trail again.
If you know the name of this flower, we'd love to know.  They were lovely.
Ripe gooseberries!!!!
The water here is stained by the bogs and balsam firs.  After boiling the stuff that is running, it tastes great, though!
The running water that was absolute salvation on that hot trail.  The "earthy" flavor even after filtering and boiling grows on you.
A sea urchin!
The comforting blazes, showing the way.  Sometimes they were just painted on rocks on the shore line where there was no trail to speak of.
A pond that was teaming with life!
Brooke hiked this in sandals (Chacos), and this was an easy part.  Needless to say, we don't recommend
repeating this.
Riding off into the sunset.