This is a personal blog. As such, whatever I feel is interesting might end up here. This can be problematic for you, gentle reader, if our interests don’t at least partially line up. Allow me to expose what you might find here.

Do Expect

  • Travel - I live in a vehicle and will likely talk about travel as a result.
  • Wilderness - I prefer to live in wild places and public lands.
  • Survival skills - Free food is fun, especially when you obtain it yourself.
  • Computery stuff - I am an operations engineeer and programmer by trade. I’m so very sorry.
  • Feminist natterings - As I am a woman, I like dignity and might bitch about things. I am not sorry.
  • Socialism - Building a better world is also important to me. I make no apologies for being a communist, but try to imagine that I’m more interested in a Star Trek future than failing to learn from the past and ending up like 1984. I’m one of those freedom-loving communists. Deal.
  • Whatever tickles my fancy - Tea, cribbage, historical modes of transportation, diesel and steam machinery, etc.

Main Computery Interests

  • Python - Python and I get along well. It is useful in personal projects, making software and making things work better.
  • Rust - I fangirl about rust despite having no good use for it right now.
  • Go - Faster and occasionally more fun than python when done right.
  • Operations - I like to fix things and it pays the bills.