The journey begins!

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We are finally moved out of our apartment and into our little cargo trailer!  We cannot possibly express how much work went into this.  We didn't own much (or at least we didn't think we did), but the difference between what you "need" when living in an apartment vs. what you can practically take with you when living in a cargo trailer and truck is vast, indeed.

Because the process was so stressful and long, we are still decompressing from the strain, so this will be a few notes along with pictures of our long road's beginning.

We hope to provide some detailed information about the build soon.

Things to Note:

  • You own and are attached to more stuff than you think!
We worked hard at trying to responsibly get rid of things that won't work on the road for months, and we had a half-empty, barely furnished, three-bedroom apartment.  We spurned kitchen gadgets and had no television.  Still, when we didn't consider renting a dumpster to be an option, it was hard.  We posted things for sale, gave them away free, donated them to various charities and generally tried to "re-home" our things instead of filling landfills.  
  • You cannot figure everything out until you try it.
All the planning in the world doesn't seem to prepare you for the odd little issues that come up in this process.  Our main strategy has been to avoid perfectionism like the action-preventing plague that it is!
  • It is much scarier than you'd think.
We have been planning this for a year now, dreaming about it.  Still, moving into a space that is less than 70 square feet was terrifying when we finally were doing it.  The good part is that, the next day, it's just sort of awesome.

Ok, that's all exciting, and there is so much more to say, but more importantly, there are pictures!

When sitting on the bed.
A view from the door

The outside in a campground.  It looks pretty funny near all the RVs.